Product Design

Flora Plant Supports

Glass is self-willed and fragile, precisely like nature. They both represent similar kind of captivating vulnerability and beauty - something simultaneously fleeting and eternal.

Plant supports that support green plants at home or shoots climbing in the garden get their outlines from the plant world: they are imitating the figures of already withered, forgotten plants. Something essential has curled up in these forms. They no longer compete with vibrant plants, but rather represent a kind of everlasting, quiet beauty.

The plant supports are designed by designer Iina Kettunen and manufactured by glassblower Paula Pääkkönen in the Nuutajärvi glass village. Gentle caution is recommended when handling a plant support made of borosilicate glass. The glass material radiates midst lush vegetation in shades of pale and burnt yellow.

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Product Design

Iina Kettunen


Borosilicate glass


Styling Pinja Forsman
Photography Unto Rautio


Hanna-Katariina Mononen