Experiences and moments become more vivid once shared with others. When encountering other people we tend to also understand ourselves better. Meeting others is essential and defining for us: it can change the course of a day or define the direction of life.

Liki bench and chair provide a platform for encountering. The bench openly invites two people to have a seat and closes them in their own safe, shared world. Ideal for public spaces, Liki series addresses themes of closed, open, private and shared. Made of pine, the sturdy chairs and benches place people close to each other but offer different views. We each study the world from our own perspective and tell others what we see - just as they tell us. That is how we learn, grow and meet each other halfway.

Year 2022
Material Pine
Size Bench 144 x 48 x 70 cm
Size Chair 54 x 48 x 70 cm
Available at Lokal Helsinki,