Iina with two eyes for worlds yet unseen

Iina Kettunen is a concept-driven product, furniture and set designer based in Helsinki. She creates objects that not only serve their purpose and withstand the test of time but also carry meaningful stories within. Her passion lies in crafting well-thought-out aesthetics for everyday life.

Considering herself a bystander, but above all, an by-admirer, Iina is always eager to learn about new industries and crafts. Her curiosity serves as a driving force for deeper understanding and is key to her thorough design process. She firmly believes that the secret to lasting design lies in creating pieces that people can form emotional attachments to.

In addition to her expertise in product and furniture design, Iina also applies her profound knowledge of materials and proportions to set design. She's a co-founder of KETTUNEN RAUTIO, and her work in set design can be explored more vastly at kettunenrautio.com.

Mikael Niemi
Mikael Niemi