Product design

In production

Plant support foliage

Client Iittala

Material Borosilicate glass

Colours Yellow Brown Gray

Measurements Height 70 cm

Iittala is a design company, that has been exploring the deepest essence of glass for over a hundred years. Founded in 1881, glass is essential to Iittala – almost like second nature. The plant support, made of borosilicate glass, supports the growth of house plants. The glass material of the object, characterized by its rather self-willed nature and fragility, resonates with the essence of nature itself. Houseplants may find a kindred spirit in the plant support: delicate yet resilient. The story of the plant support began in 2021 when it was first launched as a product at the Artek Helsinki flagship store in Helsinki. The initial plant supports were crafted in the Nuutajärvi glass village, and Artek was their exclusive retailer. The journey of the plant supports continued into product development, and the first model of the plant support was launched as part of Iittala's product range in July 2023.