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Soft headboard

Client Matri

Materials Removable textile cover Foam rubber and wadding Wooden frame

Measurements Width 80-210 cm Height 103 or 108 cm Depth 20 cm

Fabrics & Colours Available in multiple fabrics and colours

The Finnish family-owned company Matri manufactures health-supporting, high-quality, and beautiful beds and customizable bed accessories. The products are made in Matri's own factory in Estonia and delivered to customers throughout Europe. The inviting Soft headboard was inspired by the softness of a sofa and its central role in home decor. The role of the bed as furniture has diversified. It challenges the sofa as we curl up in bed with a book, gaming, or watching our favorite series. Unlike before, now it is a piece of furniture among others: no longer does the bed need to be hidden from view, but it can remain visible.

Soft headboard
Soft headboard