Set design

Hakola x Vuokko (Nurmesniemi)

Client Hakola

Visual Concept Iina Kettunen

Set Design Iina Kettunen

Photography Unto Rautio

Retouch Unto Rautio

Client´s team Annaleena Hakola Lotta Paananen

Hakola is a furniture manufacturer and design company cherishing carpentry expertise in Ostrobothnia region, Finland, known especially for its extensive palette of colors and advocacy for more responsible production. Founded by textile artist Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Vuokko is a company that designs masterfully simplified clothes and home products made to last. The collaborative collection by Hakola and Vuokko brought together two well-known design brands, emphasizing the most recognizable features of both: Vuokko's famous fabric patterns met Hakola's skillfully upholstered, colorful furniture. The campaign images' visual concept repeated the themes of the product range to strengthen the overall impression. Vuokko's familiar shapes and elements, such as circles, stripes, and free lines, were scaled up oversized, and the tones for the images were selected from Hakola's abundant color palette.