Set design

Havi candles

Client Agency Leroy

Visual Concept Iina Kettunen Unto Rautio

Set Design Iina Kettunen

Photography Unto Rautio

Retouch Unto Rautio

Art Director Janne Hänninen

Northerly Magazine is a publication produced by the Helsinki-based creative agency Agency Leroy, released at the Habitare fair in September 2019. One of the domestic design companies featured in the publication is Havi, founded in 1829, which is a one of a kind industrial candle factory in Finland. The familiar Havi candles found in every Finnish household were presented in Northerly Magazine in a new way. The design and implementation of the photo series were given free rein. Using minimal elements, a visual narrative was created with the purpose of evoking strong mental images through the dialogue of light and shadow.